I am Mindset + Weight Loss Coach.

I teach ambitious men and women how to overtake self-defeating thought and behavior patterns so they can live the stress-free, joy-filled, purpose-driven life they desire and deserve. 

As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and Certified Confidence and Growth Mindset Coach, I reference both spiritual as well as scientific (positive psychology) to help clients overcome the following challenges: 

  1.  stress + anxiety low self-confidence
  2.  self-doubt 
  3.  feelings of unworthiness negative self-image 
  4. negative self-talk 
  5. Imposter Syndrome 
  6. overthinking 
  7. indecision 
  8. need for external validation 
  9. people pleasing fear of failure 
  10. fear of success 
  11. uncertainty 
  12. perfectionism 
  13. low motivation 
  14. inconsistency 
  15.  self-sabotage 
  16. limiting beliefs

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